Choosing the Best Training Assessment Format

The format you choose to test if the desired learning has been accomplished is critical…it needs to be in sync with the objectives of the program.

Consider two proven training assessment types to determine skill proficiency and knowledge gain:

  1. Short- and long-answer tests.

  2. Performance tests
Here is a quick evaluation of each format. 

Short- and Long Answer Tests
These assessments which test one’s “declarative” knowledge are practical to administer and score. They are given in paper form or on a computer or tablet and are typically composed of four different types of questions: matching, true or false, multiple choice, and essay. Simple answer tests are most appropriate when you are testing for knowledge about, rather than knowledge of how.

Performance Tests
This more complex type of assessment tests the performance (or application) of the skills in real-world simulations. Some of the ways to test whether a subject can actually perform on the job are through observation, scenario questions, or simulations. This is the better way to test if the target audience will be able to transfer the learning to the workplace.
To succeed, be sure that you have matched the type of training assessment to the type and depth of learning you desire from participants.

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