Are Your Managers Ready to Take the Plunge? 16 Competencies to Assess

Are Your Managers Ready to Take the Plunge?  16 Competencies to Assess

Taking on a position as manager if you have never managed others before can feel as if you are diving off a cliff into the unknown. Do you have the skills? Will you be successful? Your superiors feel you are ready for the challenge but have they truly and objectively assessed you and your leadership abilities?

Let’s assume they conducted a training needs assessment and decided to provide targeted development and coaching for whatever managerial skills you lack. This is the way promotion to management should be handled. And here is a list of key manager competencies that should be evaluated:

  1. Ability to lead a team

  2. Capability to influence corporate culture in a positive way

  3. Know-how to plan strategically

  4. Proficiency at creating goals that are relevant, specific, measurable, fair, achievable, transparent and meaningful

  5. Understanding when and how to delegate effectively

  6. Ability to foster an open and collaborative team environment

  7. Capacity to carry out difficult conversations

  8. Effectiveness at resolving conflict

  9. Talent for solving problems

  10. Aptitude for making decisions

  11. Competency to manage and improve the performance of team members

  12. Skill at running effective meetings

  13. Understanding of business acumen and financial management

  14. Knowledge of fair employment practices

  15. Expertise at attracting, interviewing and hiring practices

  16. Ability to engage and retain top talent
Review this list with your leaders and find out what training they will provide to fill any gaps so that you can accept the promotion with confidence and with their full support.

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