6 No-Brainer Areas to Assess Leadership Effectiveness

6 No-Brainer Areas to Assess Leadership Effectiveness

If only leadership were as straightforward as this graphic implies!

In fact, though the best leaders always keep their eye on the goal ahead, there are likely to be many detours and obstacles along the way. Taking those learning opportunities in stride, the best leaders do not just talk the walk. When they advocate continuous learning for their employees, they put themselves through their own training needs assessment to see where they fall short and how they, alongside their workers, can improve their effectiveness.

Here are six key areas to assess. The most effective leaders are:

  1. Self-aware and confident
    They know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and have a positive view of what they can accomplish.

  2. Focused
    They are fully present in their leadership role and truly enjoy what they do.

  3. Well organized
    They know how to prioritize and manage their time well.

  4. Skilled at connecting with and understanding others
    They have a high emotional IQ, can establish strong bonds with key stakeholders and know how to positively influence others.

  5. Open to new ideas
    They are approachable and readily welcome others’ contributions. They foster diversity knowing that varied teams are strong teams and that diverse ideas drive innovation.

  6. Good at recognizing, appreciating and developing the talents of others
    They inspire loyalty because they know how to build upon the strengths of their team members in a way that aligns with the company strategy and career aspirations.
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